Chiron is a team of exceptional tax and accounting professionals with unparalleled expertise. We are listeners. We make it a priority to understand your challenges and goals, and then give all we have to help you achieve at higher levels. Just as many characters turned heroes with Chiron’s help, why don’t you let us help your business become a rock star and your wealth explode?

We are a public accounting firm serving small and medium businesses nationwide. We have been helping clients in Georgia, New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, Wisconsin, and more. We are listeners. We would like to hear about your challenges and goals, and partner with you in developing the solutions.

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We offer services for business owners, executives, and individuals. Find out how we can help…

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We offer services for business owners, executives, and individuals.

  • With Chiron’s help, our tax benefits have greatly increased. Their answers are very thorough and very clear. They help us out a lot. I would recommend Chiron to anybody looking for any CPA services. They are very professional. We love working with them.
    Matt Hosking
    Founder & Co-owner
    Happy Solar LLC
    Westminster, CO
  • Lauren and MK are very professional and yet very personable at the same time. They always point us in the right direction as it pertains to Quickbooks or financials. And they are always concerned about the growth of our business. We hope to grow alongside with them.
    Roger Ramos
    Founder & Co-owner
    Grow With The Flow LLC
    Tucker, GA
  • Lauren’s knowledge and expertise has helped me at tax times. Lauren was able to listen and answer any questions I had as I had moved to another state. I would’ve been lost without her. I would like to thank her very much for assisting me these past three years. She’s been a true blessing. I would go back to her again. I might be moving out of state and I would love to keep her. I feel that you’re very fortunate to have her.
    Debra Buckley, RN
    WI, GA, and KY
  • Lauren was very professional and she pretty much eased my fears. After many hours, nights, days of tolling with my taxes, Lauren was able to get my tax bill down by thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for someone to do your taxes or to do anything that relates to your finances, I promise you, you will be in great hands with Lauren Park and Chiron.
    Robin Thomas
    Lawrenceville, GA